From errands to event support, household tasks to concierge services, we step in to get your to-do list done. 



Personal Services

Errands, organization, wait-service, household tasks, personal assistant, moving help, and more. 

Vacation Concierge Services

Grocery shopping, pet care, activity planning, child care, and more.  


Additional Services


Vacation & Rental Home Support

Do you rent out your second home and need ears, and eyes on ground?  Let us keep an eye on things and provide the comfort you need when you do not live nearby! 

Event Child Care

From weddings to corporate events, book clubs to retirement parties – our team steps in to provide child care. Let us take care of the kids, so you can enjoy yourself!

Best of the Blue Ridge Gift Bundles

We partner with local small businesses to create bundles specifically for rental properties, wedding parties, and congratulatory gifts. These bundles can be made specifically for your needs, and include all local goodies. 


"Extra Hands is a wonderful resource when life gets too busy. We have used the team several times when both professional and personal obligations were high, and they helped us get through those times with ease. It sometimes feels like we're asking family to help out with something because of the care and effort they put forth."